We dream of a world where no one goes hungry.  A world where parents don't have to choose between falling behind on rent, risking a power cut or skipping meals.  Where children go to school with a full belly, ready to learn.  Unfortunately for more and more people this is not the case.  Are you willing to dream with us and work to turn it towards reality, where communities help each other out when things get tough?

Right now, we are bridging the gap between the world we dream of and the one we live in . Food banks are a place where people come together to make sure that those in crisis have what they need, whether food, toiletries or cleaning materials?  We also provide a listening ear, a smile, and a nod to say “It’s ok. You’ll get through this.” This is only possible due to the incredible generosity of people like you.

Along with other churches in Martham, this foodbank aims to serve the needs of those who are hungry in Martham and the surrounding villages of the Flegg area, roughly between the Rivers Thurne and Bure including Caister.  If you would like to donate to the Foodbank, please either leave food in carrier bags or money* in envelopes labelled ‘Foodbank’ in one of the following locations in Martham:

The Rectory, School Road
53 Somerton Road (leave in the parcel box)
The Manse, 2 Repps Road
The Coop next to The Green

As we feed families from across the Flegg area we also have collection points at:

Ormesby St Margaret Church, Yarmouth Road, Ormesby St Margaret 
The Coop, 5-7 Kings Way, Hemsby
Tacon Farm Shop, The Grange, Rollesby 


At the moment we are particularly looking for: 




Tinned Ham

Tinned Peas

Peanut Butter

Rice Pudding

Steamed Sponge Pudding





Washing Powder

We always need the following:

Tinned meat and tinned meat pies

Vegan milk substitute and vegan foods



*Alternatively, please visit our Donate page to give electronically

If you have a query, would like to request to have some food or would like to offer to help then please complete the following form:

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