Walk to St Benet's Abbey

Please sign up here so that we know where we are meeting you and we will try to arrange lifts back to your car. If you can drop a car to St Benet’s Abbey carpark in the morning or if you are driving to St Benet’s and are willing to give someone a lift back to their car that would be hugely helpful.


Meeting points and times:


Service at Repps Church 10.30 am

Leave Repps Church 11.30 am (6 mile walk)

Leave Potter Heigham Bridge 12.00 (4.5 mile walk)

Picnic at Ludham Staithe 13.00

Leave Ludham Staithe 14.00 (2.5 mile walk)

Gather at St Benet’s Abbey 15.00 in order to watch the Bishop arriving on the Wherry. 


Please come dressed for the weather and bring a blanket to sit on and a picnic if you are joining us for lunch.


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