We are tentatively looking as a church to co-ordinate individual’s applications for housing a refugee family.  The advantage of co-ordinating this is that, together, we will be able to offer homes to connected Ukrainian families, to ensure that they are not isolated but have other Ukrainian families locally.  We would look to pool some resources to benefit the small community of Ukrainians such as access to a car and achieve things beyond what is possible if an individual housed one individual or family.  We would also be able to offer homes to extended families such as cousins to stay reasonably close to one another if we could co-ordinate our offers of homes.  

It may be that you are not in a position to offer accomodation for a family but would like to offer help to those who can, or you may be an employer who is happy to offer employment, as the Ukrainian adults will be seeking to stay somewhere where they can work and contribute towards society rather than simply sit in a room.

Here is a chance for you to simply register an interest to help.  This situation is of course fluid and will be subject to change in the future, not least as it will be dependent on government policy.  It is also the case that the humanitarian sponsorship route is currently still being designed.

However, first, here are some important things to think through before you register an interest:

• What do you have to offer? Spare rooms are obvious, but think about how much emotional resilience you have, and how much time you have available. What is the wider network that will support you and your guests – is there a community that you are welcoming people into? (That is why we are seeking to build this supportive community)
• What about you? Refugees are vulnerable, they are likely to be experiencing some level of trauma. The behaviour of traumatised people can be unpredictable, challenging, and not as you expect. Who will support you? The chances of finding yourself out of your depth are very real, please do not try to be a solo-hero; only offer your home if you have a strong support network around you and you know that you are motivated by “their” need, not just our western guilt or our need for company and purpose. 
• Who will you welcome? We would need to be wary about offering homes to unaccompanied children, or adults who do not have mental capacity (as per the Mental Capacity Act)
• Safeguarding. If you have children or vulnerable adults already in your household or visiting you will need to take this into account in your decision-making. We would also need to have DBS checks on ourselves.
• Where is your house located? Especially in a rural area such as ours, how accessible will shops, schools, and transport be for guests without a car?
• How long? Be clear with your family, us, and most importantly the potential refugee, about how long you expect the arrangement to last. 
• What if you don't get along with the refugee(s)? If the placement does not work out and you ask the refugee to leave without support you may be making someone homeless. 

If you are still potentially interested in becoming hosts together, or is willing to help hosts, or can offer employment to Ukrainians, please complete and submit the short form below.  Alternatively, please call Joan Shaw on 07905 535276 and ask her to complete the form on your behalf.

Complete and submit the form here

Potential Interest Declaration Form
Potential Interest Declaration Form